Kit-Kat Kake

October 6, 2010

I haven’t been updating as regularly as I should. That is going to change! I tried to take pictures of this cake during the making, but I wasn’t having much luck with the camera working. All the photos came out fuzzy and blurry. Soooooooooo…here it is. The final product. The quickest cake ever made by me.

It’s a two layer-two tier kit-kat cake. M&Ms are dumped into the area left open. It just looks like a big bowl of candy! After you bake the cake and it is cooled, ice the cake and then immediately put the kit-kat bars against it. After they are put on, you can fill in the area with M&Ms. I tied a ribbon around to it help keep it all together.

I hope everyone at BCM really enjoyed this cake and that I can make it again one day


One Response to “Kit-Kat Kake”

  1. Cathy Hicks Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! I love making interesting cakes for my kids (birthdays mostly)! They would get such a kick out of this one!!!

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