A simple quick dinner fix is what I had in mind for tonight. This is my first non baked goods entry. I made two different “pepperoni breads”. We wanted one with meat, and one with out

“Tomato and Feta” & “Pepperoni with Habanero Cheese”

Here’s my cast of characters. You can add some additional toppings or spices too.


For Pepperoni Bread


Pizza Crust

Habanero Cheese 4 oz.

Garlic Powder

Basil Leaves


Sea Salt


1 Egg **for both pizza breads

For Tomato & Feta

Pizza Crust

Feta Cheese 4 oz.

Garlic Powder





Pre-heat oven to 375

I really had to work with pizza dough. You know when you see all those commercials of the Italian pizza guys and they are throwing the dough into the air? Yeah, well there is a reason for that. At first I laid this out and tried rolling it out with a rolling pin. It was working at first, but it was like a big rubber band. It would snap back each time. The only way I found to make it work was to act like that pizza hut commercial where they sing “Hey Mambo! Mambo Italiano!” It was fun plopping it around and working my hands through it. I never got brave enough to actually throw it though. Maybe next time. I think pastry crusts would work better, but I couldn’t find it.Make sure you have a lightly floured surface.

After all said and done, I beat an egg and then brushed it liberally all over the dough. For the Pepperoni bread, I put the spices on first. I used garlic powder, basil leaves, oregano, sea salt, and pepper.

For the veggie bread, I put the tomatoes on first

Then I seasoned it. I really wish you could smell the aroma of garlic. I hope you like it. I concentrated on putting salt and garlic on the tomatoes. Those are what I wanted the flavor to take in on this one.

Now cheese. For pepperoni it was spicy cheese. Anything will do.

For veggie, it was feta.

Since my veggie is all done, I rolled it up, and pinched it together on the ends and the bottom to make sure it stayed together. I then placed it seam-side down on a greased cookie sheet.

Since I wanted meat on the pepperoni one, I added it all over. Add more or less. It all up to your taste buds!

Then cover it in a nice layer of cheese, about 4 oz

Followed the same directions and put them both on the greased cookie sheet and baked for 40 minutes, or until the crust looked nice and golden. Oh, I brushed them both again. But the tomato one with oil, the other with egg.

Slice and Serve!